Testimonials about our barbecue…..

I’m a sauce guy and for me no plate of BBQ is complete without the sauce.  Smokin J’s Barbeque sauce has transformed my whole idea of what a good sauce should taste like because this stuff belongs in every home and every BBQ shack from coast to coast.  I love the taste, I love the depth of flavor it adds to my meat and to be honest it looks great too.  Great job Doug and JoAnn you have truly brought something great to the table.

Brandon Coker, The University of Georgia Trial Gardens

Smokin J’s Barbeque is some of the tastiest smoked meat I’ve ever had the pleasure of devouring. The ribs are both smokey and savory the meat melts off the bones. Additionally I would venture to say that smoke and flavors of their briskets are the stuff that legends are made of.     –  Jeffrey Voerg  

“These are the best ribs I have ever ate.”    –  D.C. Webster