Loin Test Cook Pays Off at BBQ & Brews Cartersville

As some of you MAY know, Doug and I did a PORK LOIN test cook, at our house; well, it paid off at our first competition since the test cook –


What do I mean by test cook?

We strategically applied four different flavor profiles to four different pork loins.  We used standard 5 lb. pork loins, which the Georgia Barbecue Association requires.

The flavor profiles included various rubs, sauces and injections.

Upon gathering about a dozen friends and family (NONE of which are certified barbecue judges)- we gave them a crash course in GBA judging rules.

We set up our garage as a mock judging area – complete with place mats and score cards, similar to the GBA.

Then, we presented four blind boxes.  Only Doug and I knew which box corresponded to which scenario.

Smokin J's Barbeque

Our judges tables, set up in our garage.

Smokin J's Barbeque

Judges received place mats and score cards similar to the GBA.










There was a clear winner.  Therefore, we used the same recipe at the BBQ and Brews Cartersville event!   So, we have to thank those brave volunteers who came to our house; got a free lunch of pork loin; and helped us to a successful cook.

We were very happy with our overall cook; scoring 10th overall – out of 34 teams.

Doug and I have been working very hard to formulate a great flavor profile and we feel our sauce is one of the best in GBA competition.

We are getting use to our new Stump Smoker. Cartersville was only our fifth cook on the gravity fed smoker.  Once we get more familiar with our vessel, we will be right on target.

Smokin J's Barbeque

Walking to the turn in table with our 4th place loin box.

Congratulations to Weekend Warriors for winning Grand Champion and Rescue Smokers for being awarded Reserve Grand Champion.

It was a tough competition as many of the top teams in the GBA were in Cartersville.

Wanna watch the awards ceremony?  CLICK HERE

What’s next?

We will be competing at the BBQ and Brews Canton Festival, April 28th at Etowah River Park.

Live Music, Retail Vendors, Craft Beer, and a Kid’s Zone!
Located in Etowah River Park 600 Brown Industrial Parkway
$5 Admission (kids under 12 free)

This will attract some of the best Georgia Barbecue Association teams in the state, so getting your team name called at this event, will be exciting!

Smokin J's Barbeque

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