Seasoning Up a Stump Smoker

Smokin J’s Barbeque has decided to step up our BBQ competition game; we have added a new gravity fed smoker to the family – a Stump Smoker.

Stump Smokers LLC

Big Investment – Big Decision

This decision did not come easy.  During our humble beginnings of BBQ competition, we agreed we needed to stick to what we knew   – smoking on the Big Green Egg.

Doug, already an expert on the BGE, convinced wife, JoAnn to buy another Big Green Egg and we dove right in to the professional level of competitive BBQ.

Unfortunately, the Big Green Egg limits the quantity of meat you can cook simultaneously.

After 4+ years of competing, the decision was made to go bigger!

But such a huge investment would have to come slowly – so we continued to compete, hoping to win some $$$ to put back into our cook team.

Along Came a Gift

So when a hungry investor tasted our winning ribs – he made a proposition…

“I will make a large investment towards the purchase of a new smoker for Smokin J’s Barbeque – if in return, you provide smoked ribs, just like these, anytime I want?”

A deal was struck – handshakes and hugs were exchanged and the order for a new Stump Stretch Smoker was made.

Why a BLUE Stump Smoker?

Our granddaughter was born with Arthrogryposis Multiplex Congentia, which meant her joints were constricted.  Unable to move her knees, arms, legs, feet, hands or hips like we do, she will require multiple surgeries over the course of her childhood to allow growth.

Blue is the signature color for AMC Awareness.

Smokin J’s Barbeque will be donating a portion of all future winnings to AMC Support.

AMC Support is a non-profit organization providing educational materials and resources to parents, or soon-to-be parents expecting a child, diagnosis with Arthrogryposis.

Arthrogryposis Multiplex Congentia

Why a Stump Smoker?

Doug likes innovators and Walter Stump has been an innovator in the BBQ competition world.

Skilled in the elements of “air movement” from his career in the heating and air-conditioning industry, Stump finally developed an innovative, cutting edge design for a new style smoker.

His newfangled, The Gravity Feed System™  was a success and after Stump won several championships, news began to circulate throughout the barbecue competition world.

“I wanted to buy from the innovator of gravity fed smokers because I know it is a good quality product and they will stand behind what they build,” said Pitmaster Doug.

Stump Smokers LLC

With customer testimonials from, Rescue Smokers, 2014 television series  BBQ Pitmasters champion, and Georgia Barbecue Association, two-time champion Sauced Hog Smoke Shack; we knew a Stump Stretch would be the perfect fit for us.

How a Gravity Feed System Works

The  The Gravity Feed System™ is based on the principal of set it and forget it.   The impressive, insulated cavity allows for consistent temperature control during low n’ slow cooking methods.

As briquette charcoal burns, it falls down the chute (hence gravity fed), creating coals in the bottom of the fire box, where flavored wood chunks can be added.

One full chute of charcoal could last up to 20 hours of cooking time (maintaining 250ºF) – so its efficiency is equally as impressive.

The fire is controlled by the amount of oxygen allowed by the ball valve, which is adjacent to the fire box.

Smoke develops and flows inside the cooking chamber, across the meat and up through the chimney.

Seasoning a Stump

The following is how we were instructed to season our new smoker;

  1. Remove all the shelves from the chamber.
  2. Remove the drip tray.
  3. Sweep out the interior chamber with a stiff brush to remove any metal debris or dust.
  4. Open the chimney, open the ball valve and fire box.
  5. Add enough charcoal for about a six hour burn.
  6. Light the fire.
  7. While the fire is getting started, use Canola Oil and spray everywhere you can reach, inside the cooking chamber.  Make sure to spray any welded areas to avoid rust.
  8. Spray the interior of the door – try to avoid the rope seal.
  9. Spray the drip tray and each of the smoking shelves, including edges. Stump Smokers
  10. Place the shelves and drip tray back into the smoker.
  11. Partially close the chimney and get smoker to 200ºF
  12. After about 45 minutes, spray the interior, shelves and door again.
  13. Adjust ball valve to reach 250º
  14. Run for about an hour, then spray the interior again.
  15. Raise temperature up to 300º; spray the interior again.
  16. Raise temperature up to 350º and maintain for four hours.
  17. After four hours, you should see the areas you sprayed change in color to denote seasoning.

Stump's Smokers LLC

We will still use one of our Big Green Eggs smokers, but will let the Stump Smoker do the heavy work.

We will have our first test cook soon and I will post the results.

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